Do you have children?

Small highlanders are welcome, and therefore we do not have to carry:

-         dětskou postýlku

-         přebalovací pult

-         jídelní židličku

-         nočník, children's toilet seat

You can find here, of course, toys and books. For the case, the weather just does not want, Available DVD player with a selection of fairy tales.

V létě je na zahradě pískoviště a prolézačka s houpačkou.

Black Mountain ski area in the bottom Small is ideal for skiers first beginnings, but not fully satisfy even advanced "dragons". The town has several professional ski schools SKI SIS , SUN SKI&BOARS SCHOOL a HAPPY HILL SOCHOR next to the park is a children's ski park and for the smallest, tired or flooded and well-equipped children's playground. For those, what are the beginnings of the children's ski park is already behind, are wide and easy slopes in the area willing to operate the lift, as created. If you look at the site sjezdařského mine site in the Black, find, area that will satisfy even the most demanding skiers and actually provides the Czech mountains standard environment for the whole family.

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