Terms and conditions of the lease

Všeobecné podmínky nájmu pro pobyty v zařízení “broubenka.cz” 

In. These general conditions regulate the mutual contractual relations between the provider of accommodation "broubenka.cz" and accommodated (hereinafter referred to as "customers") this property (hereinafter referred to as "object").

II. The contractual relationship between the provider of accommodation and customer order confirmation occurs, which sent the customer a properly completed order form to www.broubenka.cz and payment of advances. K uzavření nájemní smlouvy může též dojít potvrzením  e-mailové či telefonické objednávky a uhrazením zálohy.  Odesláním objednávky zákazník potvrzuje, že se seznámil s těmito podmínkami, price, payment and cancellation terms. Customer, that sent the application, responsible for all persons, that are with him in the group and are based on its order in the building.

III. Prices are listed in the price list on website www.broubenka.cz. The operator is not subject to VAT.

IV. The building is rented as a whole (max. 10 people), fulfillment of accommodation is not required, but always, the price for renting the whole building. Pronajímatel se po dobu vašeho pobytu v obsazeném objektu nebude zdržovat.

In. Arrivals for weekly stays: at 16.00 h. - in the case planned later arrival, please notice in advance. If not occupied prior to your date of stay, after agreement is possible even earlier onset of residence. Termination of stay: no case later than 11.00 h. For weekend or other short-term stays the possible entry and expulsion by individual agreement. Cleaning: customer in a row the firm as a cleaning (sweeping or. vacuuming in living room, washing utensils and storage items to their original positions, when you use the garden grill at end of stay clean properly).

VI. Order and Payment: accommodation receives a written order sent via the contact form, or e-mail. In the case of telephone orders will immediately give, whether you want the free term and, if so, we will provisionally book the dates for the next five calendar days. Phone orders must subsequently be confirmed in writing (e-mail, letter). This deadline also applies to advance bookings for orders submitted via the contact form. By this time you must pay by bank transfer deposit of 50% of the total price. Otherwise, the pre-reservation is canceled and this term will again be registered as a free.

account number: 27-9084290287/0100

v.s.: reservation number (format ddmm-ddmm)

After passing the advance payment and its credited to our account, You will be sent by e-mail, or by letter "Confirmation of the advance payment". Od této doby je objednávka pro zákazníka i pronajímatele závazná. Bbezhotovostní úhrada  zbylé části platby je tato splatná v termínu do 60 days before the stay. Po zaplacení zbylé části platby bude zákazníkovi vystaven doklad (voucher) potvrzující zaplacení celého pobytu. This confirmation serves customers on arrival as proof of payment made.
Zálohová platba není vyžadována pouze v případě pobytů rezervovaných 3 a méně dnů before the required date of entry. In this case, being payment in full in cash at the arrival.
Invoices: in case of firms may pay an invoice. When ordering please specify your company billing information.

VII. Cancellation Policy: v případě odstoupení zákazníka od nájemní smlouvy, this can be done without giving reasons. Cancellation fees apply only to orders confirmed in writing (e-mail, letter). Cancellation charge is calculated from the total amount of payments.
1. Cancellation must be made in writing to the customer (e-mail, dop. letter) and accommodation is required on the adoption of customer cancellations in writing as e-maile-mail, dop.dopis) notify. Decisive is the date stamp on podacího recommended letter or the date of receipt by e-mail.
2. Cancellation of residence 60 a more days before your departure date - no charge
3. Cancellation of residence 59 – 30 days before your departure date - fee 25% amount of total payments
4. Cancellation of residence 29 – 14 days before your departure date - fee 35% amount of total payments
5. Cancellation of residence 13 – 1 days before your departure date - fee 50% amount of total payments
6. In the case of, že zákazník nepřevezme objekt do 24 hours od termínu zahájení rezervovaného pobytu, charge cancellation fee equal to 100% price of stay and stay is canceled without a refund. This does not apply in the case, the customer later on the arrival accommodation in advance by phone or in writing.
Other conditions:
1. In the event of cancellation, for which no payment has been made according to cancellation conditions and the amount paid exceeds the actual amount of cancellation, accommodation refund the excess amount back to the account of cancellation, of which were paid.

2. In the case of, the customer of its decision to terminate his stay before the agreed date of departure, not entitled to any compensation.
3. Accommodation facility requires the payment of cancellation fees in the event of serious reasons, for this purpose can arrange individual insurance against cancellation fees and reimbursement of the insurance claim.

VIII. Povinnosti

1. Zákazník se zavazuje dodržovat všeobecné podmínkami pro nájem ubytovacího zařízení “broubenka.cz”. In the case of gross breach of these conditions, the landlord may terminate the stay of the group immediately, while no customer is entitled to any compensation.
2. If defects are found, the customer must immediately notify the landlord and a claim on the spot and, to be taken immediate rectification.
3. The entire accommodation is strict ban on smoking and open fire (outside fireplace). Pets are not allowed. Failure to comply with these rules, and the arbitrary increase in the number of people in the building during their stay without the operator, or finding of intentional damage or destruction of leased premises, or its equipment, is considered a gross violation of housing conditions, with all the consequent implications.

4. Any damage or destruction of leased premises, or its equipment, the customer is obliged to report at the end of your stay to owner / managers and to pay damages at his own expense on the spot, or deducted from the security deposit in case, not caused more damage.

5. Customer agrees to nenechávat children unattended in the building or in its immediate vicinity, not bothering residents in neighboring buildings excessive noise.

7. The customer is obliged to object in the footwear needed - Slippers suitable for tires, take with you.

8. Customer agrees to maintain order throughout the property, in winter, the operator is not liable for injuries caused by insufficient clearances snow around the building. Care should be taken with caution, because snow at higher risk of large amounts of snow fall from the roof.

9. The price is not included insurance. Ordered services are used by customers at their own risk. For injury and property damage (liability for damage caused to health or property of a third party) operator does not.

10. At the arrival to the attention of the customer lodges a manager in cash refundable deposit of 3.000,-CZK (or 200,-Euro).

11. When the arrival customer pays in cash for the attention of the village administrator recreation fee in the amount of 21,-CZK / person and night (platí pro osoby od 18 let).

12. Customer pHREE the arrival Landlord shall submit identity documents of all persons ubytovávaných necessary data for inclusion in the book accommodated.

13. Customer pefore the end of your stay will wait for the presence of landlord / manager and makes orderly delivery of the object. If they do not, deposit will be forfeited. This does not affect the right of landlords to claim damages in the case, it was subsequently found to damage, destruction or theft of property.

IX. These terms and conditions come into effect on 1.9.2011. The customer confirms the order by sending, that is familiar with the conditions, agrees with these, will respect them and accept the obligations contained therein.

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