Terms and conditions

General terms for stays at the “broubenka.cz” accommodation facility – (accommodation rules)

I. These general terms regulate the contractual relations between the “broubenka.cz” accommodation operator and guests (hereinafter also “customers”) at this accommodation facility (hereinafter also the “premises”).

II. A contractual relationship between the accommodation operator and the customer is formed on confirmation of a booking that the customer has sent by correctly filling in the booking form on www.broubenka.cz and on payment of the advance deposit. An accommodation contract can also be concluded on confirmation of a booking made by e-mail or telephone and payment of the advance deposit. By sending a booking the customer confirms that he/she has familiarised him/herself with the accommodation rules, price list, payment and cancellation conditions. The customer that has sent the booking shall be liable for all the people who are in the group with him/her and who are accommodated on the premises on the basis of the booking.

III. The prices are quoted in the price list on the www.broubenka.cz website. The operator does not pay VAT.

IV. The premises are rented as a whole (max. 10 people), the accommodation capacity does not have to be filled but the price for the rental of the whole premises always applies. The operator shall not be on the premises for the duration of your stay.

V. Arrivals for week-long stays: after 4 p.m. – please let us know in advance if you plan to arrive at a later time. If nobody is staying in the lodge immediately before you, it is also possible to arrange an earlier arrival time. Departure time: by no later than 11 a.m. For weekend and other short-term stays arrival and departure times can be arranged individually. Cleaning: the customer will do basic cleaning such as sweeping or vacuuming the living-room, washing cooking utensils and returning things to their original place, properly cleaning the grill at the end of the stay if it has been used. The owner will do the rest. Bed linen and towels: provided by the owner

VI. Bookings and payments: the accommodation facility accepts bookings sent using the contact form or by e-mail. If you make a booking by telephone we will tell you immediately if the dates you require are free and, if they are, we will provisionally reserve these dates for you for the next five calendar days. You must then also confirm a telephone booking in writing (e-mail, letter). This provisional reservation period also applies to bookings sent using the contact form. Within this period you must pay an advance deposit equal to 50% of the total price by bank transfer. If you do not do so the provisional reservation will be cancelled and these dates will again be listed as being free.

acc. no.: 27-9084290287/0100 IBAN, SWIFT, BIC

variable symbol: reservation number (will be given by the accommodation facility)

specific symbol: reservation dates (in the format ddmm-ddmm)

After the advance payment has been made and it has been credited to our account you will be sent “confirmation of advance payment” by e-mail or letter. From that time the booking is binding for the customer and the accommodation operator. If the remaining part of the payment is to be made by direct transfer it is payable no later than 60 days before arrival. After the remaining part of the payment has been made the customer will be given a document confirming payment for the whole stay. When the customer arrives this confirmation serves as proof of the payment. Advance payment is not required for stays reserved 7 or less days before the requested arrival date. In such a case full payment is made in cash on arrival.

Invoices: for companies payment is possible by invoice. Please give your company’s invoice details when you make your booking.

VII. Cancellation terms: the customer may withdraw from the contract without giving a reason. The cancellation charges only apply to bookings confirmed in writing (e-mail, letter). The cancellation charge is calculated from the total payment amount.

1. The customer must make a cancellation in writing (by e-mail or letter) and the  accommodation facility must also notify the customer in writing (by e-mail or letter) that it has received the cancellation. The date stamped on a registered letter or the date an e-mail is received shall be decisive.
2. Cancellation of a stay 60 or more day before the start of the stay – no charge
3. Cancellation of a stay 59 – 30 days before the start of the stay – charge equal to 25% of the total payment amount
4. Cancellation of a stay 29 – 14 days before the start of the stay – charge equal to 35% of the total payment amount
5. Cancellation of a stay 13 – 1 day before the start of the stay – charge equal to 50% of the total payment amount
6. If the customer does not arrive and occupy the accommodation capacity that has been booked in advance within 24 hours of the reserved stay, there will be a cancellation charge equal to 100% of the cost of the stay and the stay will be cancelled without reimbursement.
Other terms:


1. If a stay, for which payment has already been made, is cancelled and, according to

the cancellation terms, the amount already paid is greater than the cancellation charge, the accommodation facility will return the amount exceeding the cancellation charge to the account from which it has been paid.

2. If the customer decides to end his stay before the agreed departure date, he shall not be entitled to any reimbursement.

3. The accommodation facility requires payment of the cancellation charge also if there is a serious reason for the cancellation. Individual insurance against cancellation charges can be taken out for this purpose and compensation can be claimed from the insurance company.

 VIII. Customer’s obligations                                                                                         

1. The customer shall adhere to the general terms for stays at the “broubenka.cz” accommodation facility. In the event of a gross breach of these terms the owner shall have the right to end the entire group’s stay immediately and the customer shall not be entitled to any reimbursement.

2. If any faults are found the customer shall notify the owner without delay and make a complaint on site so that it can be corrected immediately.

3. As the lodge is made of timber strict fire precautions must be observed.

There is a strict ban on smoking and the use of any open fire except for the fireplace throughout the accommodation facility.

4. Pets are not allowed.

.           5. The customer shall be obliged to report each occurrence of damage or destruction of the rented premises or its facilities to the owner/caretaker at the end of the stay and pay for these damages at its own cost immediately on site or they shall be deducted from the security deposit unless greater damages have been caused.

6. The customer shall not leave children unsupervised on the premises or the surrounding area or disturb people staying in neighbouring houses with excessive noise.

7. The customer shall change into soft shoes in the house because the dirt and woden floors.

8. The customer shall keep the entire premises clean. During the winter the operator hall not be responsible for injuries caused by not sufficiently clearing snow around the lodge. Extra attention must be paid because in the event of heavy snow there is a risk of a large amount of snow falling from the roof.

9. Insurance is not included in the price of the accommodation. Customers use services they have booked at their own risk. The operator shall not be liable for injuries or damage to property (liability for damage caused to health and property of a third party).

10. At the start of the stay the customer shall give the caretaker a refundable security deposit of 3,000 CZK (or 200 euros) in cash.

11. At the start of the stay the customer shall pay the caretaker a local recreation fee of 10 CZK/person and night (for people aged 18-70) in cash.

12. At the start of the stay the customer shall show the owner the identity documents of all the people staying so that the necessary details can be entered in the guestbook.

13. Before the end of the stay the customer shall wait for the owner/caretaker to come so that he can properly hand over the premises. If he does not do so he shall lose the security deposit. This shall not affect the owner’s right to compensation if any damage, destruction or theft of its property is later discovered.

 Non-compliance of the above rules, as well as increasing the number of people on the premises during the stay without the operator’s knowledge, or discovering the intentional damage or destruction of the rented premises or its equipment shall be deemed a gross breach of the accommodation terms with all the consequences this entails

 IX. These general terms come into force on 1.9.2011. By sending a booking the customer confirms that he has familiarised himself with the terms, agrees to them, shall respect them and assumes the obligations contained herein.


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